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The vTuner service is on over 100 products now on the market worldwide. Products include Internet radios, A/V receivers, photoframes, portable media players, mobile handsets, IPTV, and many more. Have a look!

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People love TV, people love radio – and they adore the internet!
World-wide web based media consumption is a 'natural' result of the rapid technological development we have been experiencing over the last decade. Area-wide access coverage and high performance server structures provide the following:

• An extremely broad international media variety
• Content-on-demand as a matter of course
• Lots of high quality content available
• Genres of all kinds covered 

The fact that PCs are no longer needed due to the rising success of stand-alone units makes streaming media consumption become a part of everyday life at an amazing speed.

But how can I make the complex content diversity available to my customers?

vTuner provides the leading gateway technology for streaming media devices. We enable accessing web-based radio stations, TV shows and podcasts via an extremely reliable database with a wide variety of content and also provide customized solutions for your devices. Additional information like genre, quality, status, location, and even station schedule services – it’s all part of the package.

Sounds interesting! Now how does it work?

For the end user – it's child’s play. For you – very easy. For us – well, it’s our job :-) The following explains what is happening behind the scenes. And the best is that all this happens so fast that the end user doesn’t even notice it.

1. The streaming media device contacts the vTuner login server
2. Our login server passes the request to one of our database servers
3. The database server helps you browse or search the station listings
4. The server identifies your chosen station and returns the correct link information to the streaming media device
5. The streaming media device now uses this link to contact the chosen station and request a stream

The turnkey solution: Implement vTuner into your products!

Here comes the good news: you don’t have to waste time on tedious do-it-yourself applications. vTuner offers a complete Self Development Kit that helps implementing our services into your products fast and effectively. Here are the main components:

Our proven and rock-solid API (application programming interface) is the de facto standard for internet radios and other IP connected consumer electronic devices. It is used by approximately 70% of the products on the market. The complete implementation of the API ensures that future services and features will be available for your products.

Sample C Code:
This C Code has been made available for speeding up the implementation of the vTuner API. But that’s not all – it also comes with 4 hours of phone and E-Mail support provided by very experienced software developers.

API Certification Document:
A checklist in the vTuner certification document guides you through testing each function of the API. This certification document helps you make sure that the vTuner services will work properly after implementing the vTuner API. It also provides confidence for your partners.

Third Party Content Provider API:
If you are a content provider (music service, broadcaster with extensive content beyond live stations, etc.) who wants to be included in the vTuner service then ask us for our Content Provider API.